No Haggle, No Hassle logo To ensure your TAHOE® buying experience is as enjoyable and smooth going as your ownership experience will be, TAHOE employs an industry-exclusive NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE® pricing policy.

Every runabout and deck boat is priced at after-negotiation prices, so you don't have to haggle for the best deal. Plus, those prices are honored by every single one of our dealers from coast to coast.

Most boats are sold through a process that requires the buyer to negotiate the final price. This means that many buyers pay more than they have to—only the best negotiators get the best deals. The TAHOE pricing policy presents the final price up front for everyone to see. And since we need less profit per boat to run our business, our retail prices are pre-set at levels most others reach only by aggressive negotiation. TAHOE Boats NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE prices are consistent across the country, from websites, to advertisements, to retailer showrooms, so everyone can expect the best deal available every day, no matter where you shop.

No matter where or when you pick out your new TAHOE sport boat, rest assured you'll always get the most boat for your money!