Take on the waves with the brand NEW outboard design and POWERGLIDE® II hull. Our TAHOE® outboard boats offer easy maintenance and winterization, and more cockpit space. The POWERGLIDE II hull is longer, wider, and deeper for quick maneuverability and greater wakes when pulling passengers for memorable, fun times with friends and family.

See below for our 2016 outboard models.
  Boat Model Length Beam Person Cap. Price
450 TF Outboard
Time out here is special, and the outboard-powered 450 TF makes the perfect family retreat.
18' 5'' 94" 8 Person $24,595* USA
550 TF Outboard
The 550 TF is the perfect spot to teach life's lessons. And it's not all about the fish. It's about techniques, patience, and the value of time together.
19' 10'' 94" 8 Person $30,595* USA
450 TS Outboard
Experience the spirited performance of the outboard-powered 450 TS. Make every ride a joy ride--exhilarating on one hand, yet cool and collected on the other.
18' 5'' 94" 8 Person $22,995* USA
550 TS Outboard
Always eager to show its stuff, the 550 TS is ready to fly. It's up on plane in an instant on a smooth, non-stop flight to wherever you point it.
19' 10'' 94" 8 Person $28,995* USA