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csi award
CSI Award

TAHOE® Boats is honored to receive the 2019 NMMA CSI Award for Customer Satisfaction in Fiberglass Outboard Boats and Deck Boats.    

boat covers
Boat Covers

Whether you want to protect your TAHOE® boat on the trailer at home or your crew on the water, we offer a variety of quality covers to fit your every need.

custom trailers
Custom Trailers

There’s a good chance your TAHOE® will spend quite a bit of time on its trailer, which is fine because we build our trailers to perfectly match the boats riding on them.

boat accessories
Boat Accessories

From fishing to watersports to lounging, TAHOE® boats are available with a variety of accessories to help enhance your outings.

power options
Power Options

Sterndrive or outboard? What’s the difference and why does it matter? Find out which motor choice would work best for your TAHOE® needs.

installation quality certified
Quality Certified Installation

TAHOE® is certified through the Mercury Marine Installation Quality Certification Program, an important step to delivering high quality performance and owner satisfaction in regard to sterndrive-powered boats.

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