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Quality Crafted

Eye-catching lines. Mirror-like gelcoat finishes. Comfortable seating.  

The attention to detail TAHOE® designers put into the hull and deck is pretty easy to see. What’s not so obvious is how the team creates each boat to be as strong and long-lasting as possible.

Beneath the deep, spacious (1) deck is a (2) structural liner that runs the full length and width of the (3) hull, providing support to high-stress points. Like the hull exterior and deck top-side, the liner has a smooth gelcoat finish to create sleek, easy-to-clean compartments.

tahoe construction

Our craftspeople chemically bond the liner to the hull and deck—they also mechanically fasten the deck to the hull—to form a one-piece structure. They also inject expanding flotation foam into the liner, which improves flotation while reducing sound and vibrations underway.

Because at TAHOE, we believe style and substance both matter equally.

Style & Substance

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tahoe cons
tahoe cons
tahoe cons

The TAHOE team goes through a significant researching, planning and designing process to ensure every sport boat meets the highest standards of style, quality, performance and durability.

Our in-house design team uses state-of-the-art digital tools to map out every step of the process and design the model to exact specifications. CAD illustrations and 3D-printed scale models result in production parts that come together just right, producing excellent fit-and-finish in the final product.

With the T16, we took this step further by 3D-printing the entire hull plug (the part used to create the mold), which helped us cut out a number of steps, ultimately producing a high-quality boat for less.

We also employ Lean Six Sigma methodologies—the same principles followed by global leaders in the automobile, aerospace, appliance and medical equipment industries—to streamline our processes and reduce waste (physical and temporal). Ultimately, it all helps us increase quality while lowering costs.

At the end, we factory rig every model with a Mercury® or MerCruiser® engine to optimize performance.

The result is a lineup of boats ready to escort you and yours through years of exciting escapes.

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