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Proven Quality: TRACKER Trailers Designed Smart and Built Tough

Tracker Pro Guide V-175 Combo with Custom Matched Trailer

When it comes to buying a new boat, anglers and boating enthusiasts rarely pay much attention to their trailers.


But that’s not the case at TRACKER® Boats, where trailers are a key part of most ready-to-fish boat packages.


The value of a properly designed and manufactured trailer is so important to TRACKER, the company won’t trust anyone else to manufacture them.


According to Natalie Hirst, Tracker Marine Group Dealer Training Specialist, what TRACKER does differently than other boat manufacturers is think about a boat owner’s entire experience. From the moment you hook up the boat trailer to your vehicle to the moment you pull your boat out of the water, TRACKER’s intent is to optimize the quality of the experience through every moment of your fishing or boating experience.


“Whether they realize it or not, boat owners can be pretty tough on their trailers,” Hirst says. “Things like saltwater and iced up ramps in the North can really take a toll. That’s why we build our trailers as tough as our boats—to withstand whatever Mother Nature will throw at them.”


TRACKER trailers are made in the company’s Ozark, Missouri, plant, approximately 30 minutes south of Springfield, where the Tracker Marine Group and its parent company, Bass Pro Shops®, is based.


The process of building quality into each trailer begins long before the steel that’s used to make the trailers even reaches the Ozark plant. It really starts at the steel mill where TRACKER sources cold-formed steel sheets coated in zinc — the first of several coatings that make TRACKER trailers extra tough and enable TRACKER to offer a three-year warranty.


The company’s attention to the GALVASHIELD® coating technology process is grounded in the fact that the Number 1 problem facing boat trailers is corrosion. The GALVASHIELD coating process achieves a harder and longer-lasting surface. First, a zinc coating that protects the steel tube frame is applied inside and out. Then, a zinc-rich primer coating is added. Lastly, an electrostatic charge process bonds the powder coat securely to the metal frame. These steps are what keep TRACKER trailers looking good for years to come.


Taking the quality one step further, TRACKER trailers are welded—not bolted—for extra strength, more durability and less weight. Plus, bunks and fender boards are carpeted, reducing the chance of scratching of the boat hull and giving the boat and trailer package that “fits like a glove” feel.


“Because we have engineers who focus just on boat trailer design, they understand how to design trailers that perfectly match the hull of each of our boats,” Hirst adds. “Between design and features such as carpeted bunks, our boats load perfectly.”


Other features that demonstrate the TRACKER commitment to quality include a swing-away tongue, Super Lube hubs, retractable safety cables, a welded coupler and a transom saver. Features vary by model.


“We know that when you buy a boat from us, you’re mostly focused on the boat,” Hirst says, “but we know there’s more that goes into the boating experience than just the boat. Our engineers are boaters themselves and put their best thinking into each and every TRACKER boat and trailer so you don’t have to worry about it. When you buy a TRACKER boat and trailer, it comes with the promise that you can enjoy it for years to come.”